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With NST's keep your total spark gap around 0.2 inch max.   I assume you
are running some type of RF choke off each bushing to offer high freq
protection.  Try running a pair of 500 Ohm, 50 Watt resistors in parallel
(250 Ohm, 100 Watt total rating) and then connect this combo in series with
your normal air core RF chokes.  This resistor is off each bushing before
the air core choke.  This forms a "Q spoiler" that will quench most spikes
that make is past the air core chokes.  Be sure you are running your spark
gap in parallel with your xmfr output not in series with one bushing and
the cap across the xmfr.  This usually kills them quickly.  In a parallel
configuration as the gap fires it places a short circuit directly across
the xmfr which helps prevent any HV from going into the sec winding.  

If at all possible try a 60 ma xmfr -- the increased current will provide
considerably more secondary output -- the idea here is to recharge the cap

Hope this is of assistance and good luck with your project.


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> I am new two this list. I have built two coils within the last six 
> months and had success on them both. The first one I used 15000-at-30ma
> neon, it was a 4.25 inch by 20 inch secondary. I have a flat primary
> with about 13 turns made of .25 inch copper tubing, with .25 inch
> spacing between turns. I have three static gaps with a fan blowing on
> them. I used glass caps, because of their cost. The best spark That I
> could achieve was about 19 inches to ground. Which to me was fairly good
> since as how it was my first coil. But unfortunately I fried my neon,
> Ithink I opened my gaps to far. Now I built a 6.25 inch coil and I am
> only using a 7500-at-30ma neon. I am not impressed with its performance
> at all. I can only get about a six or seven inch spark off of it.
> Any way my question is what is probably the best spark I am going to get
> off of this coil. The only thing I can think of is that my coil maybe to
> short. As I said it is 6.25 inch but I ran out of wire before Iwas
> through winding it, so it is only 17.75 inches long. I plan on fixing
> that though, as soon as my wire comes in. Any suggestions would be 
> a great help.
> Chris