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I am new two this list. I have built two coils within the last six 
months and had success on them both. The first one I used 15000-at-30ma
neon, it was a 4.25 inch by 20 inch secondary. I have a flat primary
with about 13 turns made of .25 inch copper tubing, with .25 inch
spacing between turns. I have three static gaps with a fan blowing on
them. I used glass caps, because of their cost. The best spark That I
could achieve was about 19 inches to ground. Which to me was fairly good
since as how it was my first coil. But unfortunately I fried my neon,
Ithink I opened my gaps to far. Now I built a 6.25 inch coil and I am
only using a 7500-at-30ma neon. I am not impressed with its performance
at all. I can only get about a six or seven inch spark off of it.
Any way my question is what is probably the best spark I am going to get
off of this coil. The only thing I can think of is that my coil maybe to
short. As I said it is 6.25 inch but I ran out of wire before Iwas
through winding it, so it is only 17.75 inches long. I plan on fixing
that though, as soon as my wire comes in. Any suggestions would be 
a great help.