Re: Tesla list survey and legal issues- scrap it then?

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>Well, I will certainly not be mailing the survey results to anyone, or 
>publishing them in a standard bound form.  To repeat myself, I indended 
>to put up the results on a web page, with the standard "Yes, I am over 
>18... blah blah blah" button below a short disclaimer.  Pressing the 
>button and entering the username and password will constitute acceptance 
>of the terms of the waiver.   Must I require a written and signed waiver 
>to be mailed to me for access?  I can't really think of anything more 
>that I can do to protect myself, short of scrapping the survey project 
>Tossing the survey results would be a real shame, especially after many 
>people (myself included) have put a lot of time into generating them- but 
>this is exactly what I will do if there really is no way I can be assured 
>0.00% risk.  I have no intention of willingly taping a "sue me" sign to 
>my back, no matter how subtle, and cannot afford to.  ...But this is what 
>you make it sound like I am doing.  Working with high voltages all the 
>time, I am by habit a VERY careful person.
Why not abbreviate the data, such that only the main parameters are
included - I think including things like parts mfrs etc. is a bit over
the top anyway. My understanding is that the main purpose of a results
database is to know whether a new coil is better or worse than other
similar ones. I can't see how a list of, say, power, size, gaptype,
toroid size, spark length could be a problem, in that you are not
telling anyone how to build a coil - they would have to get that info
Alternatively, you could contact someone less worried who is already
providing more detailed (dangerous) info on their site to see if they
would add the list to their stuff.   

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