Re: Tesla list survey and legal issues- scrap it then?

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Subject: 	Re: Tesla list survey and legal issues- scrap it then?

>>From a legal standpoint you are right -- it isn't much different.  The key
>point is that on the Internet you are posting a thought -- similar to
>putting something up on a bulletin board.  If you actively mail or deliver
>this information, or publish in the form of a book, then your legal
>responsibilities increase dramatically.  There are several legal cases
>pending now regarding information received over the Internet -- it will be
>interesting to see how they play out.

Well, I will certainly not be mailing the survey results to anyone, or 
publishing them in a standard bound form.  To repeat myself, I indended 
to put up the results on a web page, with the standard "Yes, I am over 
18... blah blah blah" button below a short disclaimer.  Pressing the 
button and entering the username and password will constitute acceptance 
of the terms of the waiver.   Must I require a written and signed waiver 
to be mailed to me for access?  I can't really think of anything more 
that I can do to protect myself, short of scrapping the survey project 

Tossing the survey results would be a real shame, especially after many 
people (myself included) have put a lot of time into generating them- but 
this is exactly what I will do if there really is no way I can be assured 
0.00% risk.  I have no intention of willingly taping a "sue me" sign to 
my back, no matter how subtle, and cannot afford to.  ...But this is what 
you make it sound like I am doing.  Working with high voltages all the 
time, I am by habit a VERY careful person.


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