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Hi All, 
On this subject, I have a borrowed copy of "The Inventions, Researches
and Writings of Nicola Tesla." Published by Barnes and Noble. Does this
fall in the same category?  Many of the articles appear to be written in
3rd person and not by Dr. Tesla.  Author or editor is Thomas Commerford
Just a curiosity inquiry.

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>On Wednesday, November 26, 1997 9:11 AM Richard Wayne Wall
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>> Alfred wrote: 
>> snip
>> >Rick, if the book your talking about is "Nikola Tesla: Lectures, 
>> >Patents, and Articles" then yes Lindsay's STOLE the material from the 
>> >Tesla Museum in Yugoslavia! There's an old saying that paper never 
>> >refused ink and even though Lindsay's claimed that they recieved 
>> >permision to re-print, comunications with the museum says otherwise!
>> Actually, Alfred is incorrect regarding NT's copyrighted writings.  
>> United States copyright law recognizes that a copyright springs into 
>> existence the instant the work of expression first assumes some 
>> tangible form, and lasts until it expires by law.  Copyrights expire by 
>> law with the life of the author plus 50 years, or for works made for 
>> hire, 75 years from publication or 100 years from creation, whichever 
>> is shorter.
>I understand what your saying in regards to Dr. Tesla's actual copyrighted 
>material BUT the book entitled; "Nikola Tesla: Lectures, Patents, and 
>Articles" is a compiliation of not just DR. Tesla's writings but is also 
>material written about  Dr. Tesla and the book was copyrighted by the 
>Nikola Tesla Museum in Beograd, Yugoslavia in 1956. Mr. Lindsay prints in 
>his shoddy boot-leg copies that he was granted permision by the Nikola 
>Tesla Museum to re-print the book in the U.S. BUT I have inquired about 
>this directly to the museum and they said "THEY NEVER GAVE ANYONE PERMISION 
>TO REPRINT ANY OF THEIR PUBLICATIONS"! they also said it would cost them 
>far too much to sue Lindsay for copyright infringement, since they would 
>have to send layers to the U.S. to press charges! So Lindsay's makes a nice 
>profit on others works laughing his way to the bank, EXCEPT there is an 
>ever increasing number of us who refuse to purchase any of his publications 
>UNTILL he properly compensates the Nikola Tesla Museum for his copyright 
>infringement. As some what of a side issue I have noticed that almost all 
>the so called re-publishers seem to think they can take anyones copyrighted 
>material and re-print it with total impunity! Granted anyone has free 
>rights to make copies of books that were published back in the 1800's but 
>they DO NOT HAVE ANY RIGHT to re-print material with currently active 
>copyrights! But as so sadly happens in this country the one with the 
>fattest wallet usualy gets away with stealing from others because the ones 
>they steal from can't afford to assert their rights!
>> Nikola Tesla wrote in the United States and US copyright law applies to 
>> these writings.  Assuming he died in 1943, then 50 years later in 1993 
>> all of his personal copyrights expired. 
>> Mr. Lindsay, or anyone else for that matter, may freely copy and 
>> legally distribute or sell any and all of Nikola Tesla's personal 
>> writings previously protected by his personal copyrights.  Assuming the 
>> content in "Nikola Tesla: Lectures, Patents, and Articles" was written 
>> not for hire by Nikola Tesla, Lindsay may freely recopy and distribute 
>> it legally.
>As I said the problem is that the book not onlyt contains Dr. Tesla's 
>writings but it also contains much material written by the staff and 
>researchers at the Nikola Tesla Museum in Beograd, Yugoslavia! Mr. Lindsay 
>or anyone else can make all the copies they want of what DR. tesla wrote 
>BUT the rest of the book is still protected by copyright law because the 
>writers are still alive!
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