Re: Series-linked Microwave caps? any good?

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>Subject: Series-linked Microwave caps? any good?
>Hi, thanks to all the people on this list who have helped me so far, as
>you can see I am still asking questions....:^)
>I have a number of Capacitors from microwave transformers laying around
>and I was wondering whether or not I can series link these for Tesla
>PS I hear that these caps have a resistor built in (to drain off the
>charge maybe?) would this make them unsuitable? can i remove the
some microwave oven caps have an internal resistor, some don't. you can just
about bet that if it does'nt have a resistor on the outside...between the
terminals...usually soldered...it has one inside. you will not be able to
remove the internal resistor without destroying the cap...usually. The value
of the resistor is normaly 10megohm. you can get new caps from Global Parts
800-325-8488 or Fox International 800-321-6996 without an internal
capacitor. both these are wholesale outlets, i've never had any problem
dealing with them directly, but you may have to get a local appliance repair
place to order them for you.
don't know how the microwave caps will work in TC use...havent tried it
yet...thinking halfwave voltage doubler...single micro transformer...3kvAC
would give about 7kvDC   [+3.5/0/-3.5]. have always used DC for my small
coils. worked on copiers. had high voltage supplies. free. works great.
wasn't after sparks, used TC for other things. Kirlian [sp?] photography.
blowing up noisy neighbors stereo.wierd light shows.long time ago.