Re: Series-linked Microwave caps? any good?

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Subject: 	Re: Series-linked Microwave caps? any good?

On Sunday, November 30, 1997 1:56 PM Matthew Mills
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> Hi, thanks to all the people on this list who have helped me so far, as
> you can see I am still asking questions....:^)
> I have a number of Capacitors from microwave transformers laying around
> and I was wondering whether or not I can series link these for Tesla
> use....
> My theory is that if each one is rated at 2100vAC eff and have a value
> of around 0.95uF then I should be able to run 10 of them in series for a
> capacitor rated at 21000vAC -at- 0.095uF which sounds quite reasonable....
> any comments?
> PS I hear that these caps have a resistor built in (to drain off the
> charge maybe?) would this make them unsuitable? can i remove the
> resitor?

If they have a resistor built in forget it it is going to disapate too much 
energy but if they don't have any bleader resistor then it should work 


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