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On Sunday, November 30, 1997 6:04 AM Greg Leyh
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> Alfred A. Skrocki wrote:
> (on spinning toroids)
> > >It is very very difficult and is probably hands down the hardest thing to
> > >try to do if you are a self coil builder. 
> >
> > There I would probably agree with the possible exception of someone
> > machining a rotory spark gap then we have a close second. 
> Machining a rotary gap is_far_easier IMHO than spinning or deep-drawing
> aluminum.  (BTW, has anyone here explored the potential cost savings of
> mining and refining our own base metals?)  :^)

I have my own machine shop and my own metal spinning equipment and I've 
done both and in my opinion it is far easier to spin a toroid than to 
machine a rotory spark gap out of solid bar stock! As for minning and 
refining ones own base metals, well to do the mining your going to have to 
pay someone to let you work their mines or go find your own and the 
refining is going to be either very costly or very work intensive. There 
are some abandoned copper mines not too far from where I live and as a kid 
I picked up several hundred pounds of copper ore and It would be easy to 
purify the ore ( its mostly solid copper with a little rock) but I have 
tried to draw my own wire and believe me you would much prefer to purchase 
it that draw it, let alone insulating it.


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