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> to: Alfred
> Agree with most of your comments except the part about welding.  All
> commercial toroids includes those from Leibovich, American, and others all
> use the most to make 1/2 toroid and then weld the halves together.  Perhaps
> you know something that Leibovich doesn't -- after all they have only been
> in business since 1930.  They produced all the spinnings for G.E.'s big
> Pittsfield, MA, lab and also made all the spinnings for the big GE
> lightning generator displayed at the 1939 World's Fair.  You can roll the
> edges and join the units but it's a slow process -- that's why us and
> almost all other commercial spinners I know use the two step process.

I was taught to make the toroid out of one sheet of metal with no welding 
and it is a rather quick process put it did take one hell of a lot of 
practice to get the metal to roll into itself and form a tight joint.

> The bottom line is that learning any new process takes time -- and until you
> get over the 40 year mark most young people don't really appreciate how
> important time is.

I think I qualify there given that I'm 43! Actualy I had an appreciation of 
time in building things since my pre-teens, not surprising since I had my 
own business then!

> If he has the time and doesn't easily get discourgaged after spendings
> countless hours of failure then by all means he should make his own
> spinnings.

In terms of learning from the available books I would agree, but if one 
learns from a well experienced teacher it isn't that difficult.

> My example with the tire isn't as far fetched as you might imagine until
> you have tried to make your own spinnings.

I said what I did because I've done A LOT of spinning but never built any 
tires, although I did visit one of Good Years factories and it is a very
complicated process building modern tires!


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