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> All,
> I am back after a weekend of Tesla coil fun at the Rochester area Teslathon
> held by Ed Wingate.


> The evening ended by midnight after Ed firied his large magnifier one more
> time.  He damaged his extra coil when a wayward spark shorted two turns
> (welded)  A standby resonator was pressed into service.  To constant
> harpings by myself and Dave Sharpe, Ed caved in and we put only one 30"
> toroid on top of the resonator and replaced the other 30" with the large
> 65"X12" "super toroid" we saw over in the corner.  Ed tuned the thing up in
> a single test pass and ultra hot, "stay-connected" ribbons of 12' flame
> tried to weld the lab door shut!  This was the culmination of a super day of
> coilin' and renewal of old friendships and forging of new ones.  Names now
> had faces!
> The trip back to Virginia was smooth, un-eventful, and somewhat
> anti-climatic after the thrills of the weekend's previous days.
> Richard Hull, TCBOR
> Submitted with lotsa' mispells, etc., and unproof read!

Richard and All,

Thanks for the great write up and kind words. It's always a pleasure to
share my work with others at the yearly Teslathon. It was especially
gratifying this year to meet so many of the Tesla list members in person
and get to talk to them up close and personal. To get to see list
members meeting each other for the first time was also a special treat
for me. My thanks to all who attended for making this the best Rochester
area Teslathon yet!!
FWIW the final tally was 44 attendees.

Safe coiling,

Now fully recouperated,

Ed Wingate