Re: Ed Wingate's near Teslathon

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> Subject:        Ed Wingate's near Teslathon
> Hello Ed:
> Congrats on a very neat Tesla gathering.  Enjoyed your fantastic coils and
> especially the 4 KW vacuum tube coil spraying 3 foot long sparks against a
> nearby wall.  Kudos on fine organization of a wonderful event that allowed
> experimenters to discuss numerous issues on a personal basis.  Tell the
> wife her tomatoes are the greatest!
> DR.RESONANCE-at-next-wave-dot-net

Dr. Resonance,

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the bash. 

Toob coils are a lot of fun, and quiet too! The main reason to hold
these events is to provide a location/forum for avid coilers to get
together and share their work and ideas with other coilers up close and
personal and have a lot of fun in the process! IMHO the free sharing of
information, at Teslathons, on The Tesla Mailing list, in the TCBA
newsletter and on Richard Hull's Video Report/Educational Series tapes,
has advanced Tesla coiling to degree that we could only have dreamed of
10 years ago.
My (very understanding) wife has received the message.

Safe Coiling,

Ed Wingate