Re: Parrafin wax

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Hi all ,

      Paraffin mixed with petroleum jelly makes 
a good vacuum / stopcock grease ---

       I dont remember the proportions --but 
it seems as though less petroleum jelly than
paraffin (considerably less) .

        melt the paraffin & add the petroleum jelly ---
hot stuff drives off moisture and entrained air ---

        I belive the mix can be vacuum processed as well .

        I have as yet not tested the dielectric strength
but i think it may help to re-pot hv things


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 "I have repaired one my neons and was wondering about re-potting it in
 Parrafin wax. Have any of you guys out there used parrafin for
 insulating purposes?  If not what other material is suitable?"
 	Paraffin has too many air bubbles in it to be a reallyk
 really good potting compount.  Good old tar is better, but melts
 at a higher temperature and is messy.