Re: Re[2]: Neon power draw, and resonant stresses.

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> John, you have brought up an issue I had asked the list about and never 
> got a response.  You say "If it's value is such that it resonates with 
> the leakage reactance of the neon trannie..." How is this determined. In 
> the designing phase how could one determine if this would happen? And 
> does this stress the neon two much, or is it ok as long as the gap fires 
> to discharge it?
> Still resonating in Ohio,
> Mad Coiler
>  >>


I'm unable to find the formula, I was hoping someone would re-post
it for you again.  "does it stress the neon too much?"... depends on
what you mean by too much.  Certainly, it stresses it more than
without resonant charging.  Yes, by limiting the gap spacing, you can
limit the voltage across the trannie, and still obtain the benefit of
the increased current draw. None of my neons have yet burned, 
and I've been using this resonant method for years.  
(I did burn out a couple of neons...but that was when I used a 
non-sync rotary gap!)

John Freau