Re: Yet another newcomer, and xfmr protection

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<< > John Freau mentions that this resonance is a good thing. Makes sense.
> What is right?
 > Dale Pfaffle


Using resonance is neither right nor wrong.  It depends on what you
want.  If you want the longest sparks from a neon transformer, then
you have to use resonance.  But using resonance will stress the
transformer more than not using resonance.  If my trannies burn out,
I'll just toss a new one in place, but so far they're holding out fine.
You could use two trannies instead of one and use less resonance,
and obtain the same spark length, and the system would probably
be more robust.  Using resonance is simply a way to get max
performance from a neon sign transformer powered TC.

John Freau