Re: Gap Losses

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>Richard Hull wrote:

>> Probably, it is more of safe range for someone wanting a quick and dirty
>> generalization that won't get them in trouble when designing and building an
>> important system which has got to work out of the chute.  Ideally, of
>> course, tweaking and dinkin' with the system after construction will improve
>> the performance. (perhaps by even adding or subtracting gaps!)
Greg wrote;

>At this point, I am definitely doing everything possible from the 'armchair'
>point of view so that the coil might work 'out of the chute', since even the
>simplest jobs, like changing the toroid, will require renting construction
>equipment a week in advance.

  Yes.  I keep forgetting the tonnage involved in your system!  Definitely
out of the chute excellence would be highly desirable.  Dinkin' around over
10KW can be like Russian Roulette.

Richard Hull, TCBOR