Car igntion coil

From: 	Gabriele Lombardo[SMTP:lele_lombardo-at-iol.it]
Sent: 	Thursday, August 28, 1997 12:02 PM
To: 	Tesla List
Subject: 	Car igntion coil

Hi this is my first post...
I'am an Italian coiler...I can't afford neon xfrm...in Italy a small 10 KV
10 mA
costss about 200$...so i decided to generate the HT for the primary of my
coil by two old car ignition coil...it's a strange way to obtain HV isn't
it?...Did anyone already tried it??? Any way it seems to not work as well
as i thought...
The output from my nice ball shaped terminal is very low...A neon tube
starts glowing about 50 Cm far from the coil but no  spark!!! 8-((
Why dosn't it work? May be:

-There is no current enough to drive the coil...
-The sistem is untuned...I used a progrom to calculate the parameter of my
coil  so I think this would be a bit strange...
-I have a lot of loses in current...my capacitors (salt water for 0.005uF)
make  a strange "TOC" for evry pulse of high voltage ( I can regulate the
frequency of  my car coils from few Hz to about 100 Hz)...My prymary, wen
the system is on,  get violet! nice but probably unuseful...

There is anything else? Evry hint would be grate!!!
Thanks to evrybody
   Sorry for my English