Re: need help building coil

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Sent: 	Wednesday, August 20, 1997 4:35 PM
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Subject: 	Re: need help building coil

At 23.32 16/08/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I just bought out of a junk shop a tesla coil, sort of.
>it is a coil wound on a plastic tube 3 1/2 wide, it is 12 6/8 long, the tube 
>is sealed with a plastic cover at both ends which has both ends of the coil 
>terminating in a screw connection in the center, the wire is covered in some 
>sort of white wax. I cannot easily determine the gauge of the wire nor the 
>amount of turns.

This is the secondary coil of your TC... you have to pay attantion...
The commercial coil i bought here in Italy was of a very poor quality...the
winding must be perfectly wound...

>ok, so I have this and a 6kv neon transformer. how do I determine the 
>secondary, or is this the primary ?? and what else do I need, a pair of 

Well...now you need a primary coil, few turns of eavy wire, a spark gap, an
upper terminal and some HV capacitors: you can build them easily some wine
bottle, water and deiodurated salt ...if you want, i can send you my
favorite scheme...any way on this ML there are a lot of post about
everything you need...there are also a lot of people more and more
qualified than me. 

Sorry for my English
    Bye from Italy