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I may be able to help in a significant way here.....

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> I was given three capacitors today by the operator of a local ham radio shop.
>  They are large and heavy, about 40-50 lbs.  The dimentions are 5"x13.5"x13".
>  The nameplate had this info:
> General Electric
> MU-F = 3
> CAT. = 14F15
> V = 12500
> CY = DC
> I assume they are 3uF-at-12.5KVDC?  Does anyone have a spec sheet on this cap?
>  If so, are they a power factor correction type cap used in distribution with
> a internal bleed resistor?  Are they oil filled and if so is it PBC (they
> look old)?
> Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
> Rusty Duncan

I have a fairly full list of PCB containing components issued by the 
NZ Ministry of Health. It is more aimed at common fittings but does 
list trade names for some of the nasties contained in many caps and 
transformers. A couple of examples of safe ones:


Both of these were found in transmitter smoothing caps which have 
similar ratings to those you describe.

Some nasties by name:

DUCONOL (Dubilier), PYRANOL (General Electric), THERMINOL (Hunts)

The list is not exhaustive. Look for any of the above words on your 
caps. In particular, look for anything ending in "OL". I need full 
details in order to have a reasonable chance of identifying these.