Re: transformers

From: 	Edward V. Phillips[SMTP:ed-at-alumni.caltech.edu]
Sent: 	Wednesday, August 27, 1997 4:16 PM
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Subject: 	Re: transformers

"Don't hook together transformers that have different output voltages!

	Why not?  Just look at the equivalent circuit of the
neon transformers connected in parallel.  Current will flow into
or out of the lower voltage transformer depending on the load
impedance.  For example, if the load is such that the voltage
equals that of the lower voltage unit, all of the current will
flow from the higher voltage one.  If the loaded voltage is
lower, both transformers will contribute.  Haven't thought through
the case of resonant capacitor charging, but bet there are no
real problems there which differ from paralleling transformers
of the same voltage.