Re: Rochester T'Thon (Wish you were here...)

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Richard Hull made me jealous about living
'close' to the action:

> [ here goes long story about
>   the Rochester T'Thon ... ]

> The rather long 12 hour trip from Richmond ...

Hmm, if I were lucky with the connection flights, I may
make it in some 36 hours, I guess...

> The fleamarket was beginning in earnest when Bill Connery showed 
> up. He is a regular to both Ed's and our annual event.  Bill 
> had super hot radioactive meters, neon sign transformers, 
> capacitors, vacuum diffusion pumps, and his ever famous glow 
> discharge tubes for sale.  I spent over $100.00 with him!!!  
> Tom Vales and Tony De Angelis of Boston had a large lot
> of stuff for sale, also.  I bought some lead foil and a 
> Russian geiger counter from Tom.  

I would have bought the whole stock...  I guess I'd spend all of
my hard earned money if I just found something usable to buy over

Maybe I can make somebody jealous about living under the
Aurora Borealis, aka. Northern Lights, almost every night
in the winter (8-9 months of snow...)  Somebody wondered if
my coil will be the northernmost in the world? Anybody knows?
Anybody beating 68th parallell? (some 300 miles to the _north_
of Fairbanks, Alaska...)

BUT, I did once hear a rumour about another coil-builder in
Sweden. Well, since it's in Sweden, it cant be more than
1500 miles away... (to the south, probably)

Wish you were here instead,


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