Re: Shorted Turns

From: 	George W. Ensley[SMTP:erc-at-coastalnet-dot-com]
Sent: 	Monday, August 25, 1997 6:13 PM
To: 	tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
Subject: 	Shorted Turns

I had what i thought was a good run with my 9" coil Saturday. Turns out
high power coiling shows up any little flaw. My secondary now has 3
shorted turns in 3 locations all in the top 1/3 of the coil. I wonder what
i am doing wrong.

The coil is 9" dia with 28.27 inches of #22 magnet wire and 4-5  coats of
polyurathane. The winding is not the tightest as i can see pvc now and then.
I did push it up to 7-8kw for 10-15 seconds at a time, new territory for me.

Photos of the run revealed 1 instance of a racing spark when i removed 
the breakout tab. Could it be over coupling k=.18? I will post the photos.