Re: HVACDuct

From: 	Charles Brush[SMTP:cfbrush-at-interport-dot-net]
Sent: 	Monday, August 25, 1997 2:06 PM
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Subject: 	Re: HVACDuct

>I don't know what the proper prices should be, but I've been to
>Vulcan Salvage, and I agree that the prices are high.  Is HVAC
>duct the rectangular cross-section galvanized steel stuff?  Some
>scrap yards give this stuff away for free.  Vulcan has a nicely
>organized selection of copper, brass, aluminum, and plastic
>rod and bar stock, etc.    Nice find on the OBITs.
>John Freau

Hi John & all,

The kind of ducting I was referring to is the tubular corrugated stuff
(very stiff).  I thought it was aluminum, but the guy at Vulcan said it was
stainless steel.  Up until now I've been using 9" dryer duct elbows.  Yes
Vulcan does have a good selection of metal, and you never know what you
might find there.  I got some big station post insulators there last year.
Do you know of any other decent yards in the NY/NJ/CT area?

>Nice find on the OBITs.

Thanks.  Our local plumber offered to give me any he removes from old
burners, but I really have as many HV transformers as I need.  Still, I
couldn't walk away and just leave these OBITs lying there.  They'll be
useful on a mini coil I'm building.

Charles Brush