Re: Construction of prototype coil (fwd)

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Sent: 	Monday, August 25, 1997 12:39 PM
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Subject: 	Re: Construction of prototype coil (fwd)

Chuck Curran wrote:

> Very interesting photo's of your new coil construction effort.  I don't
> recall if you might have mentioned the material choosen for the coil
> form--what is it??  Your work area is pretty nice for the size of your
> project.  I thought my coiling was getting too big when it took two of
> us to lift the secondary, now I understand what big really is.  Thanks

The coilform in the picture is a 36" paper sonotube, which performed very
well during the 40 kW tests.  It is only a temporary form however, until
a structural layer of fiberglass can be laid down over the windings.  
When the secondary construction is complete, the windings will be embedded 
into the _inside walls_ of the fiberglass tower structure, and the cardboard
tube can then be removed.  

The windings must be protected from the elements in this way, since this coil
will necessarily spend its entire life outdoors.