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> how do i sign up tcba

Hi Ingrid! Here is all the info on the T.C.B.A.;

The T.C.B.A. is the Tesla Coil Builder's Association and the TCBA 
NEWS is their official publication. The TESLA COIL BUILDER'S 
ASSOCIATION, is an educational organization devoted to research and 
dissemination of information on the theory, construction, and 
operation of the high-voltage high-frequency transformer known as the 
Tesla Coil. 

TCBA NEWS is published 4 times a year by Harry Goldman, 3 Amy Lane,
Queensbury, NY  12804.  The telephone number is (518) 792-1003.  The
annual subscription rates were as follows (they may have changed).

  UNITED STATES ------- $30             EUROPE ------------- $ *
  CANADA -------------- $               AUSTRALIA ---------- $ *
  MEXICO -------------- $               ASIA --------------- $ *

  * Air Delivery

  ** Students of junior and senior high school levels must have
     their student status substantiated by their school principal
     or science teacher.  Official school stationery should be 

The TCBA welcomes typewritten manuscripts pertaining to Tesla coils 
as well as information regarding its inventor, Nikola Tesla.  
Manuscripts on other high-voltage devices and techniques are also 
accepted.  The author of an accepted article is provided with two 
copies of the newsletters in which the article appears.  If an author 
is a currently paid-up member of TCBA, his or her subscription will 
be extended by one issue.

The TCBA will also extend a subscription by one issue for every new 
member a subscriber brings into the organization.  By signing four 
new members, a subscriber will be given a 1-year extension to TCBA 

All backissues of the newsletter are available to subscribers.  Those
interested in obtaining back issues need only to contact the 
publisher at the address:

T.C.B.A., Tesla Coil Builders Association
3 Amy Lane
Queensbury, NY  12804
P.S. Be sure to tell Harry I sent you (I can use all the free issues 
I can get!) <Grin>


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