Re: DC power supply again

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Subject: 	Re: DC power supply again

Hi John, all,
                  I'm not one to extrapolate too wildly but here's 
something to chew over:

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> <<     Based on my analysis that wallplug to primary cap is the biggest 
> > loser in a number of systems, I have decided on a completely 
> > different approach. I am currently designing an off-line flyback 
> > switcher to run at the 2kW+ level. What I am looking for:
> > - efficiency in the supply of around 80 - 85%
> > - being able to use any size cap without having to deal with primary 
> >   charging resonances
> > - good gap quenching. I am looking at using optical feedback from the 
> >   gap to shut the supply down if necessary although that is 
> >   peripheral to getting the supply up and running. Experiments 
> >   suggest that with this type of supply, quenching is solely dependent
> >   on output discharges anyway.
> > - continuously variable power setting. Break rate is obviously 
> >   dependent on gap and power setting.
> > - Max output of 20kVDC
> > - No smoothing cap required. The supply charges Cp raw.
> > - Incorporation of power factor correction by using the input 
> >   haversine to modulate the internal reference (not yet tested).
> > I designed the transformer several weeks ago and am looking at core 
> > losses of around 90W, hoping to achieve the same or better in the 
> > windings (difficult given the winding window I will have to live with)
> >and hopefully switch losses of the same order. Please don't bombard 
> > me with "how's it going". I am currently suffering financially and
> > time to completion is indeterminate at this stage. I see this as a 
> > real future to running efficient low to medium powered systems. I 
> > have been using the minicoils and supply as a development tool to 
> > mature this technology and have tested a number of designs in order 
> > to arrive at a well behaved one that is scalable to the kW range.
> >     I would like to stress that these ideas are (now) public domain 
> > and may not be copyrighted or patented.
> > Malcolm
> > (in near poverty).
>   >>
> Malcolm,
> If there's anyone who can tame the "DC beast", it will be you.  I 
> suspected you were planning something like this...based on the
> hints you gave recently.  It is certainly possible that this method
> will overcome the usual DC problems, and the AC ones to boot!
> I wish you the best of luck both with this work, and financially too.
> Thanks for sharing your DC power supply ideas.

Thanks.  My coil here at work: Sucks about 1.6kW from the wall when 
throwing arcs to ground at 4ft+. Ecp x BPS = 270W.

What can I expect?