Re: An Important Post.

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Richard Wayne Wall wrote:

> The issue of the existance of ether has never been put to rest by the
> Michelson Morley Experiment.  The experiment, at best, gives null
> results.  
> Dirac and other Nobel laureats based their theories on an ether.
> Quantum Mechanics is experimentally supported by an ether as well as
> Quantum Electrodynamics pioneered by Richard Feinman, another Nobel
> laureat.  So, there is indeed scientific basis of ether.  And, it's not
> based on every 2nd year college physics lab.  Nor, will orothodox
> physics admit it -- at least publically.

Ah, those evil scientists!

> This list would be shocked that some of the most expert and
> knowledgible coilers on the list believe in the existance of an
> "etheric medium".

I for one would be shocked as well!  But allow me to summarize my
response with a simple question:

What is the speed of the Earth relative to the ether?