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                                   Hi, First post here. I here a lot of
                                   mention that neons are eventually
                                   doomed. If this is true, what would be
                                   the ultimate xfmr to look for?
                                   BTW does anyone offer a complete set
                                   of plans that call out exact specs.
                                   such as xfmr, primary, secondary.
                                   etc... It seems for my first coil I'd
                                   like to duplicate someones design that
                                   has built a winner. Most plans seem to
                                   leave you with a whole mess of
                                   variables to stumble over.
                                   Bill Cook


Probably the ultimate transformer is a pole or distribution 
transformer.  These can withstand 125kV impulse surges.
Potential transformers are also robust.  These are used by
electric power companies to measure their transmission
line voltages.   These can be deadly transformers for the

Neon sign transformers aren't that bad if you have a few spares,
if one conks out...toss it out and replace it.  Or just roast it for
awhile in an oven like Gary Weaver does to bring it back to life.
This will work if it has a tar short, but not if there's a wiring short.

John Freau