Re: RSG -at- 60 Hz (sync-gap)

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Subject: 	Re: RSG -at- 60 Hz (sync-gap)

> Pardon me, John while I stick my foot in my mouth. I believe TES asked
> if the rotor should be adjusted on the shaft of the motor. The idea as I
> understand it, is that the entire motor is turned in relation to the
> stationary electrodes so that the phase is advanced or retarded as
> needed.


You're right...TES's question was as you indicated above...I read it too
quickly I'm afraid  :(     Thanks for pointing this out.

And of course the phase *can* be adjusted by rotating the rotor 
relative to the shaft...and some folks do this...but this is
inconvenient to do.   Much easier to rotate the whole motor.  It's a
little more work to make up the rotate-able cradle, but well worth the
effort once you start running the coil.
John Freau

>     Rick Holland