Improvement with bigger secondary

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Sent: 	Sunday, August 10, 1997 6:26 AM
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Subject: 	Improvement with bigger secondary

I have finally completed my new 6" dia secondary (previously 3.5") and I
was rapt to find that the max spark lengths are now 9" longer than

All other parameters were left the same where possible - 60Ma 15Kv,
.011uF Cap, 6" by 22" secondary with about 900 turns of 22gauge and same
20" by 8" toroid but I had to add some turns to the primary, it now
tunes around 14 turns. Spark lengths have gone from around 30" to 39"
and as many sparks seem to break out at once, I may get more with a
bigger toroid. The calculated freq. of operation has halved to around
160Khz but I have yet to verify this.

All this seems to suggest that either lower freq coils do indeed produce
longer sparks or that larger coils are somehow more efficient. Anyway,
to all you new coilers out there, I would suggest not to bother with
"thin" secondaries, unless you are only building tabletop coils.

Cheers, Peter E.