power and frequency

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Subject: 	power and frequency

Hello to all;

I have recently subscribed to this very interesting list.
There is so many different discussions going on  that I 
can't keep track of who said what!

Not too long ago, there was a posting relating to appropriate
frequencies for different power levels. The jist of it being "the
power and frequncy are inversely proportional.

I agree that as frequency increases, that the tank cap is
neccessarily smaller and provides less stored energy for "ring down".
This is where the proportion originates -due to the 120 BPS delivery.

It seems to me that this could be overcome by using a faster input
via thyratrons or power triodes.

This also relates to another discussion about inonic storage persistance
and streamer production.  Someone stated that steamers were less at
a high frequency for a given power that at a lower one. I submit that this
may be due to short ring times, thus the ions are not "pumped" as much,
although the instantaneous voltage may be as good as any other freq.
Unfortunatly, there is so much dead time between shots, the ions lose
their energy,  providing no culmulative effect.

Again this points to the primary circuit being inadequate to supply the
"pendulumn" fast enough rather than the frequency itself being the

Perhaps this is the reason that Dr. Tesla used high frequency generators
in some of his work (480 pole I think).

Any thoughts on the subject?

Keep up the good work!
Jim M