Re[2]: Fundamental spark gap confusion

From: 	Wiliam Cook[SMTP:wcook-at-azcon-dot-com]
Sent: 	Saturday, August 09, 1997 8:20 PM
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Subject: 	Re[2]: Fundamental spark gap confusion

                                  Hi, First post here. I here a lot of
                                  mention that neons are eventually
                                  doomed. If this is true, what would be
                                  the ultimate xfmr to look for?
                                  BTW does anyone offer a complete set
                                  of plans that call out exact specs.
                                  such as xfmr, primary, secondary.
                                  etc... It seems for my first coil I'd
                                  like to duplicate someones design that
                                  has built a winner. Most plans seem to
                                  leave you with a whole mess of
                                  variables to stumble over.
                                  Bill Cook