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>I prefer to believe that no one on this list actually thinks that these 
>myths are true.  It seems more likely that these myths are perpetuated by
>their use as marketing gimmickry,  by those who peddle coils and coil
>accessories.  Myths 1 and 3 are required as a minimum in order to sell 
>multi-megavolt output coils to an unsuspecting public -- and still further 
>myths are necessary for the '10 megavolt and up' class of TC's.


   GL -

  Do you believe that the extra long spark has more energy than the short ones?
Where do you think the energy comes from? How do you think the long spark is
created? Would this give a characteristic waveform?

   Do you think that successive shots could build up energy in the ionoized
cloud to create an extra long spark? How do you think this energy could be

  Do you think the long spark should be used as a standard compared to
continuous sparks? How do you think the input watts should be divided
between the long and short sparks? Is this important enough to pursue?

   John Couture