my first coil - once revised

From: 	Damon Burke[SMTP:damon-at-portal.stwing.upenn.edu]
Sent: 	Thursday, August 07, 1997 5:14 PM
To: 	tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
Subject: 	my first coil - once revised

I'm back writing to you about building my first coil.  I wrote a message a
little while back about my tesla coil and it's lack of performance.  I
removed my toroid on top and added a tennis ball wrapped in aluminum foil.
I was able to tune my coil out to it's farthest diameter and make 5-6"
sparks in all directions from the ball.  I'm quite aware that this is a
horribly ineffecient coil for 15K60ma, but i'm working on that.  I have
three glass plates as my cap, and tonight I cracked two of the pieces of
glass.  It was rather impressive.. the first one cracked after I shut off
my coil.. and it sliced through the glass - steering it's way around the
wire connections.  The cut was so strange that the glass is cut like a
puzzle piece, and is still together (rather impressive sight.)  I have
called a company in california about sending me a catalog so I can order
new caps, but I haven't heard from them.. I may have to call again.  My
safety gap is set at less than half an inch, and it never arcs.. I assume
I should decrease it's width.  When I rebuild (or buy) a new cap and
redesign my horrible sparkgap, i'll come back asking  for help..  Thanks
for all the help so far!