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> Folks may well cringe at the idea, but several years ago I built a "side
> grinder".  This is a 1/4" thick, 8" diameter cutoff-wheel (normally used
> for sawing through I-beams) glued to a wheel I made of 3/4" marine-grade
> mahogany plywood.  The plywood is glued to a pulley, and #10 bolt are
> used, with vibration-proof nuts to beef up the joint between the plywood
> and pulley.>snip

Hi Steve,

Just wondering what type of glue you used?


John Freau

> The point of the above story, is that a spark gap can probably be built
> using relatively cheap plywood.  The marine grade mahogany is excellent,
> because it has no internal voids, uses a very tough glue in the
> laminating process, and is very finely grained.  I spun my wheel in a
> lathe and used a Dremel tool to true up the outside edge. >snip>
>	Steve Falco
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