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On 1997-08-06 tesla-at-pupman-dot-com said:
   >I have seen quite a few of Tesla Coils topped with a metal toroid.
   >Where is everyone finding these?
   >Are most home brew?
   >What would an alternate "Top Cap. Hat" be? (Copper toilet float)?
   >I have been lurking on this list and have enjoyed the info.
   >By the way, This is my first "post" ever!

Congrats on your "first post ever", Jay! 

The toroids come from almost as many differing sources as there are 
members to the list! Some are purchased (I don't know from where) the 
rest are made in a variety of ways, probably the easiest being to get 
flexable duct tubing from a home supply center and bend it into a 
doughnut and tie the ends neatly together and or tape with aluminum tape. 
You could use an appropriately sized conductive sphere in place of the 
toroid but it will shape the coils electrostatic field differently and 
change it's spark pattern. Although many have used copper toilet floats 
as top terminals on Tesla coils, it is actualy a poor choice because its 
ridged surface will induce arcing at lower voltages than if it had a 
smoothly curved surface.

        Alfred A. Skrocki

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