Re: Coiling Programs?

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>   I am starting on a new TC design and was wondering if there are any 
>free programs out there to assist me. I have downloaded wintesla (thanks 
>to R.Coppersmith if memory serves) it is a very good program but I was 
>hopping there were some computer programs that would do a little more, 
>like calculate estimated spark length, and allow for variables like 
>angled primary.  Does anyone know were there are any free? College 
>students like myself can't afford much :)
>   Ohterwise I might consider paying a little for something. Is there 
>any good books, all the ones I have read from libraries haven't told me 
>anything that I didn't already know, in fact several things have been 
>wrong compared to the general opinoin on the list.
>I would very much appreciate any assistance.
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    TES -

    If you will send me a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) and some
info on what you want to build I will send you a couple printouts from the
JHCTES program and some other info for free.

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