Re: AC--->DC

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> From: 	Brandon Doughan[SMTP:fiveht-at-well-dot-com]
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> Subject: 	AC--->DC
> Hey-
> 	Amongst my coiling stuff, I have a 12K 60ma NST and a bunch of HV 
> diodes.  The other day i thought, "Hey!  I can get some DC out of
> can't I?"  Well, can't I?  This is a recitifier, correct?  I believe
> set-up the correct circuit but I thought I'd ask the professionals.  
> Anyone willing to draw a little ASCII art for me?
> Thanks again- Brandon

 I am thinking about trying this also. I have a 15Kv 60 ma neon and
some good 30Kv 1.5 amp diode stacks. I do not think it will work well
with a noen because we seem to be relying on resonant charging to get
us past the current limiting. As John Freau has told us his neon draws
2600 watts in this mode. We will be limited to probably less than 500
watts in DC mode (with a neon tranie). A DC coil would probably work
well with a potential transformer or a pig because they have very
little in the way of effective impedance.

What you could do would be to measure the input power in relation to
the spark length and see what the relative efficiency is.