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>>Is there a way to get a true amp reading from the primary while the TC's is
>> in operation?
>> Gary Weaver

>Yes, use a hot-wire ammeter or something similar that integrates the
>current over time.  Or (much better) build the Dave Sharpe opto-
>wattmeter, which will accurately measure the TRUE wattage that the
>coil is using.  Dave has posted info on his wattmeter on the list and
>has offered to send schematics I believe.
>John Freau
>   Gary -

      I use a cheap ($5) surplus AC voltmeter! isolated and connected in the
HV line. The meter is rated 8 VAC, 100 ma, 80 ohms. The maximum wattage
would be 1500 at 15000 volts and 100 ma. The 80 ohms is too much to put into
the ground circuit of the TC. If the meter burns up I have not lost much.
Other types of metering would cost too much for this risky business. 

  Not many coilers meter the primary of the Tesla coil circuit. With neons I
have found the current is generally about 30 or 60 ma regardless of spark
length. The spark length appears to be determined by the coil parameters and
the overall efficiency. The operating spark gap seems to be a constant load
on the neon. The pole type TC would be a different matter.

   John Couture