Re: 2 foot sparks - need more garage!

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>Will do I have got mains suppressors but I reckon I need something
>more extreme! 40uf looks about right. 
Without the caps across the ballast to RFI filter connection I took
out the input (output) cap of the RFI filter with spikes flowing back
from the ballast. I was just doing ballast tests using a cap and spark
gap across my pig; no TC! As soon as I placed the PFC cap across the
line between the ballast and the RFI filter I stopped taking out the

>>Adding some inductance in parallel with your resistive ballast will
>>improve the spark immensely. The inductive ballast will also boost
>>your 5kV output also. 
>Short of a welder what do you suggest for ballast - the only thing
>I've seen that I thought might be suitable is 100W flourescent tube
Look for some metal vapor lamp ballasts. The ones given to me are
1000W. Just short their secondaries and use one or more as your
inductive ballast. They are shunt limited just like neons.

>I've just bought some 4" diameter air duct to make a new toriod - after
>my holidays.
Good. If you don't get breakout with it, use a marble sized bump of
Aluminum foil to cause it.

>I do need a bigger cap 0.042uf at present - needs to be 0.12uf (from
>memory) to match the transformers.
I'm only using 0.016uF here.