Re: Rotary Gap - pulley

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the pulley is not adjustable to accommodate different belt widths, although it 
will do that, it's adjustable to allow you to change the drive ratio by 
changing the pulley diameter - by making it wider or narrower, the belt rides 
lower down in the V, or higher up, so you can control the RPM of the driven 
shaft.  I would suggest that you use the pulley in it's intended manner and 
have the gap driven with a V belt - that way you can fine tune the speed to 
make it synchronous or not, as you see fit.


One interesting thing about the pulley on the snowcone motor is that it
is adjustible. You can use wider or narrower belts by loosening a set
screw and unscrewing half of it. This how I think I will mount the rotor
by removing half of the pulley, putting the center piece thru the center
hole, and remounting the other half. I also have some 1/4" black
plexiglas. I wonder if I laminated two pieces together would it be
strong enough? Any suggestions? Or should I use a stronger plastic? Help
from any of the listmembers that has built a rotory gap in the past will
be most appreciated!

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