Re: HF sparks (current draw)

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>   How did you measure the 2600 watts input? The 2600 watts would give
> 2600/15000 =  173 ma.  I would think this would burn up the 60 ma winding
> either as watts or volt amps.  However, the output could be 15000 x 60 ma
> 900 watts without harming the neon secondary. This would give 900/2600 =
> 34.6 % efficiency, a reasonable value for this size Tesla coil. 
>   John Couture


The input power was measured using an ordinary wattmeter.  I don't think
that 173 ma would burn up the winding...not during a 1 minute run.  I 
would expect the tranny to get warm...and it did...it's unpotted so I can
tell.   Since I didn't measure the transformer output power, you may be
correct...it may be giving only 900 watts output, at 34.6 % efficiency...
however, I expected that the trans would be a little more efficient than
this.  It is also possible (as you may have implied), that the wattmeter
is reading quite incorrectly due to the distorted waveform.  Gotta build
that Dave Sharpe opto-wattmeter!!!!

John Freau