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> The present gap I,m using is a Rh type gap. But one of the members on
> the image list clued me in to the fact that I was not getting enough
> quenching. At first I thought to buy a shop vac monday and build a
> vacuum gap. But being the cheapskate that I am I started looking around
> the house for a cheap substitute! Here is what I found:
>       Two 1/3 horsepower motors.
>     One was in an old attic fan, and the other was in a old snowcone
> machine. Both work well. But the motor in the snowcone machine needed a
> new start capacitor. Since this motor is capacitor start and has a
> higher starting torque I,ll use it in the rotory gap. the other one I'll
> use as the drive for a coil winder. Both motors are westinghouse and
> have pulleys and belts attached. Both are also reversesible if that
> helps! The snowcone job has the option of running from 240 or 110vac.
> One interesting thing about the pulley on the snowcone motor is that it
> is adjustible. You can use wider or narrower belts by loosening a set
> screw and unscrewing half of it. This how I think I will mount the rotor
> by removing half of the pulley, putting the center piece thru the center
> hole, and remounting the other half. I also have some 1/4" black
> plexiglas. I wonder if I laminated two pieces together would it be
> strong enough? Any suggestions? Or should I use a stronger plastic? Help
> from any of the listmembers that has built a rotory gap in the past will
> be most appreciated!
>                                     Frankensteins Helper
>                                            Max
Hello Max, 

I just ordered a couple of vacuum motors from American Science & 
Surplus. The part number is 25959 and the cost is $12.50 each. Two of
them with shipping was $30.50. 

Father Tom recommended it to me and I was so drawn to them that I got
two. Even a cheapskate can get one of these. :)

I indend to make a vacuum gap using one of them. Just thought I would
toss that out a a possibility.

Michael Smith