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> I want to know how a person can stop your secondary's coil last winding
> discharging. I have a small 1 inch diameter iron ball on top as a discharge
> sphere. But at the last turn on my secondary there comes a 4 inch spark out
> and that energy is lost and aren't going to my small sphere.
> Anyone have Ideas on how to overcome this problem. I don't want to use a
 large torroid to make an shielding effect.

Even a small toroid can help the problem, as long as it overhangs the
secondary coil.

But if you really don't want a toroid, you may find some benefit from a
corona ring.  this is a ring of metal, slightly larger than the sec dia, and
having a cross sectional dia of perhaps 1/2".  Place this directly on top of
the secondary, and you can still use the iron sphere also.  The tuning must
be correct, or sparks will emit from the corona ring.  I use this method on
large tube coils to prevent sparks from flaring off of the top of the
secondary winding, actually, I've never tried it on a disruptive TC, but it
should work well.  

John Freau