coil design help

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Subject: 	coil design help

This is my first time writing to the list so I would like to say thanks in
advance for any help I receive.  I plan to go ahead and jump in feet first
with my first coil.  I have acquired 4 neons, 3 which are 15KV-at-60mA and one
which is 15KV-at-30mA.  I plan to parrallel them which should give me
15KV-at-210mA, 3150W???  From the best of my calculations I would need a 0.037uF
cap???  I bought 10lbs of 20ga. magnet wire that I plan on winding 1000 turns
on a sealed 8" PVC form 34" long.  A design program that I downloaded
approximates the resonant freq. to be 125k w/torrid.  I plan on using 1/4"
copper tubing to form a flat primary spaced 3/8" apart, 10 turns.

               1)  I have found 60m poly and 14"x50' flashing for my caps at
a hardware  
                    store.  If I double the poly (120m) what will be my C per

               2)  Will I need a voltage controller (variac) or can I just
fire the coil?

               3)  Will I need a static gap or rotory gap or both??  BPS and
gap size?

Any comments on design error or a better design would sure help!!!
Any info on RF sheilding (iron powder toroids?) would be appreciated.

Thanks again for any help