Re: additional transformers [rolled caps]

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> >Thanks for the info on that, I will go 2" on my future overlaps. It
> >seems strange to me that sparks seem to travel much further along the
> >surface of an insulator, no matter how clean it seems to be. Maybe this
> >is due to microscopic impurities on the surface of the plastic?
> Yes I have noticed this effect.  If you have a small flourescent tube
> about 12" long then place it on the primary of your coil so that it lays
> across several turns, and run the coil.   You should get flash over
> between the turns.   On my coil I get 2" arcs that run along the surface
> of the glass.   Don't run for too long if you want to keep the tube.
> Julian Green.

I have already had this happen when I had my strike rail too close to
the top of the primary. It would always arc along the surface of the
plexiglass supports, even after I cleaned them with solvent. The arcs
were also around 2".

Cheers, Peter E.