Re: additional transformers [rolled caps]

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> >Peter,
> The effect you note is an old one and is purely elecrostatic in nature.
> Current will readily flow along differing dielectric boundry edges in the
> presnce of rapidly changing voltage gradients.  The sharper and more angular
> they are the more likeily a flashover might occur.  The classic example is
> the plane, flat, dielectric surface with a knife edge lying flat on it
> (plate and insulator sheet)  Amazing arc lengths can be supported at
> relatively low voltages provided the dv/dt is steep enough.
> Richard Hull, TCBOR

I would have thought that Poly and Transformer oil would have similar
dielectric constants so there shouldn't be too much of a "boundary".
Might have to do a few experiments with pins and pieces of plastic.

Peter E.