Re: HF sparks

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Subject: 	Re: HF sparks

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>Subject: 	HF sparks 
>High frequency systems just typically have worse sparks due to a number 
>1. dielectric losses are higher at high frequency
>2. Coronal losses appear higher
>3. small capacitors in HF systems mean lower power and less brilliance 
>any sparks thus produced.
>4. smaller capacities in the terminals limit spark length and color
>It is hard to conceive of a 2 mhz coil system spouting 5 foot white hot 
>using normal Telsa coil construction methods.
>In general, most coils under 500 khz are in the toilet spark wise due 
to a
>any or all of the above reasons.

I am assuming you meant 'over 500 kHz' above. For a smaller coil, say 
with a secondary coil 3.5" diam x 15" tall what would be a good 
operating frequency? I have many different size toroids, so I could 
probably tune it into many different freqs. The coil isn't working right 
know (don't know what happened to it) so I am going to try to start 
redesigning it better. I would like to know more about the effect of 
different freqs and if it changes between small and large coils.

Could anyone help me out?


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