Re: HF sparks (current draw)

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>   Try using 365 KHZ for your operating frequency. This is a possible
> frequency for 900 watts input that coilers have used in the past. This
> from the equation
>        KHZ = 3032.5 x W^-.2767 - 96.4       W = watts input


Are you suggesting that a 15kV, 60ma neon transformer will draw 
only 900 watts input power?  My 15kV, 60ma tranny draws 2600 watts
using a .014uF cap, and my 12kV, 30ma transformer draws 680 watts 
using a .007uF cap.  This is because the reactance of the cap is equal 
to the leakage reactance of the neon transformer, and therefore 
neutralizes it, allowing the transformer to draw more than its rated 
current.  This will only occur with optimally sized caps.  Smaller caps
will cause less power to be drawn.  There seems to be a widespread
misunderstanding of this effect.  It is this effect that allows neon systems
to perform as well as they do.  But is is essential that anyone using a
neon transformer measure their input current rather than assuming that
the rated current is being drawn.

John Freau