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>I want to know how a person can stop your secondary's coil last winding from

>discharging. I have a small 1 inch diameter iron ball on top as a discharge

>sphere. But at the last turn on my secondary there comes a 4 inch spark out

>and that energy is lost and aren't going to my small sphere.


>Anyone have Ideas on how to overcome this problem. I don't want to use a

>large torroid to make an shielding effect.


Try to make a smaller toroid, that would be the best. If your sphere is too high

from the top of the secondary try to lower it.

I've encountered the same problems when trying a metal sphere with too small


I say go for a toroid because it is impossible to insulate away the problem,

the pressure is just too high for any insulation to withstand on the top

of the sec. winding.

Good luck.


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