RE: Primary Coil Shape (square)

Subject:  RE: Primary Coil Shape
  Date:   Sat, 26 Apr 97 04:03:28 UT
  From:   "William Noble" <William_B_Noble-at-msn-dot-com>
    To:   "Tesla List" <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>

I posted the text of the popular electronics (1964) article that had the 
square primary - it's probably in the list archieves somewhere.  I
scanned the 
article into MS word (word 97) and mailed it out to a bunch of people -
someone put it on their web site???  Anyway, the general consensus from
list was that the design was terrible.  I built it twice and it didn't
either time.  I built the same thing a third time using a flat 1/4 inch
tubing primary and a secondary of half the number of turns in the
article and 
it's working (not well like the "real" coils on this list, but it
works).  The 
square shape is for esthetics and can't help but degrade the magnetic

Subject:  Primary Coil Shape
  Date:   Thu, 24 Apr 1997 01:31:57 -0400
  From:   "Lord Talimar" <lordtali-at-mill.tds-dot-net>
    To:   "Tesla List" <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>

[Bill]  SNIP----- 
My first (and probably biggest) question  so  far is what shape of
should I use as a beginning?  Also, I saw
one magazine (Popular Electronics?) while I was still in High School,
one made a TC with a square primary, flat rolled.  Would this work
or worse than a round flat and/or cylindrical wound coil?